Avebury Manor

Although York is my home, I spend quite a bit of time in Wiltshire too.  It is a lovely county with open chalky downland and spectacular prehistoric monuments like Silbury Hill, the West Kennet barrow and the stone circle at Avebury all within walking distance of the village.


Avebury is most famous for its great henge and avenue of standing stones but it’s also a very pretty village and a year or so ago the Tudor manor house was restored by the National Trust and the BBC.  Now it features rooms furnished to show how they might have been at different periods: a Tudor parlour, a Victorian kitchen, a bedroom furnished in Queen Anne style and so on.  I had been meaning to go ever since it was finished, but as so often when places of interest are close, we never seemed to make the time.


But at the end of August I finally made it to the manor on a lovely English summer’s day. The house itself was interesting, and because it has been furnished with carefully researched reproductions, you can sit on the chairs and pick up pots and finger the furnishings.  You can even climb on the beds if you take your shoes off!  You’re asked not to touch the hand painted wall paper, but otherwise it’s very relaxed.



Hand painted wallpaper in Georgian dining room


Typically, I liked the Tudor rooms best. There was a bedroom as well as a parlour, and the ceiling was particularly striking.

But it was such a lovely day that the lure of the gardens was irresistible and it was enough to sit on the grass in the sun, to imagine what life must have been like in the manor at the end of the 16th century and to start weaving a new plot …






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  1. Quantum says:

    Hi Pam

    I’m intending to visit Avebury soon and will check out the Tudor manor. While in the area I also want to visit the ‘upgraded’ Stonehenge on Salisbury plane. I once tried my hand at dowsing for earth energies at Stonehenge, but the wind blew my pendulum horizontal making it hopeless. Maybe I will have better luck with the Avebury henge!

    Are you hoping to draw in some pre-historic memories with your next plot … that might be very interesting!

    • Oh, I’d LOVE to do a prehistoric time slip, Quantum! I just wish I knew something about prehistory but sadly my knowledge is limited to Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear. But it would be a great plot to set around AVebury, that’s for sure. Enjoy your visit. The Avebury stone circle is remarkable and Silbury Hill and the West Kennet long barrow are close by: walking along the ridgeways it’s impossible not to be aware of what an ancient and powerful landscape it is there.

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