I’ve been quiet lately, lashed to my computer in a frantic bid to make my deadline.  But yesterday I was able to type THE END with huge relief.


My original deadline was 30th November, but my editor has kindly granted me a few more days, which is just as well, as getting to the end is only a partial victory.  I still need to re-read the manuscript, all 123,573 words and 416 pages of it.  In an ideal world I’d leave it a week or so, but time is running out, and I have trips to London, Scotland, Wiltshire, New Zealand and Australia coming up in short succession, not to mention Christmas, so I must square my shoulders and get down to it.  This afternoon.  Now, in fact.

Self editing can be a daunting task, but it’s a chance to knock off the worst of the rough edges before my editor casts her beady eye over it.  And having all those words on paper at least means I have something to work with, which will make a change from the last few weeks when I have been staring desperately at a blank screen while I try to wrestle a very complicated plot into submission.

The working title of this book is THE EDGE OF DARK.  My original idea was The Edge of THE Dark, but a friend told me just the other day that The Edge of Dark is a Yorkshire expression for twilight, which fit so beautifully with the theme that I’m hoping Pan Macmillan will agree that it’s better this way.  This is another ‘time slip’, set partly in the present and partly in the past, and partly in York and partly in London.  But there’s also a more recent past – in 1986 – for Roz, my main character in the present, to come to terms with … As I was writing, I kept changing characters’ names, so the first thing I need to do now is make a note of what everyone is called as I go along, or I’m going to get into a terrible muddle!

I’ve cleared my desk, caught up with my emails and updating this sadly neglected blog is the very last thing on my ‘to do’ list.  Which means I can’t put it off any longer.  Self-editing, here I come …

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