A History of York in 100 Pictures 8: St Martin’s, Coney St

Carved head on doorway

Sometimes known as St Martin-le-Grand, and situated in one of the most important streets in the medieval city, St Martin’s must have once been an imposing church. As one of the wealthiest merchants in the city living in Coney Street, Ned Hilliard would have worshipped in St Martin’s, and it was here that Hawise goes for the churching ceremony after she gives birth.

The church was largely destroyed in an air raid in April 1942; when Angelo Raine was writing his Topographical Survey in 1955, only bare walls and the shell of the tower remained. In the 1960s the church was rebuilt and rehallowed with a dedication to peace and reconciliation in 1968.

All photographs copyright Kippa Matthews


Restored interior

Carved heads now on the outside of the church

The church from Coney Street. You can see how imposing the original church must have been.

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