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Q: What do these pictures have in common?


Pearly nautilus shell


Children’s Games by Pieter Breugel the Elder



Staircase at Burton Agnes Hall





Great Chalfield Manor


Detail from The A to Z of Elizabethan London

Detail from The A to Z of Elizabethan London


A. All have inspired my latest book one way or the other.  If you’d like to know what links them all, I’m afraid you will have to wait until The Good Wife, as it is currently titled, is published.  Which means waiting until I have written the second half (first half has gone off to my agent today!)  – oh, and waiting until it is sold, too.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Quantum says:

    Hi Pam

    From Yorkshire to Wiltshire and London; involving the coast and slipping back to Tudor times. Einstein would have admired your use of his space-time continuum!

    It sounds as though you are a plotter rather than a pantser! You must feel pretty confidant that the first half of the novel won’t change much.

    Please don’t take too long over the second half though …. After those teasingly enticing images, I’m Longing to see how it all fits together.

    May your muse speed your writing.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Quantum. I am absolutely delighted with the idea of using Einstein’s space-time continuum, however unwittingly! As for being a plotter rather than a pantser … hmm. I definitely start off with only a very sketchy idea of a plot, which emerges during the first couple of drafts, so I’d call myself a pantser really. But by halfway, it’s starting to fall into place – which is not to say that the ending won’t change – and if the ending changes, the beginning might have to change too: a lot can happen in another 50k words!

  2. Steve says:

    Hello! I’ve actually just discovered your writing as I just started Time’s Echo and I have House of Shadows waiting in the wings. I am enjoying Time’s Echo very much with some late nights ahead reading. 🙂 Thanks!


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