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  • From The BlogPosted: December 19, 2014

    The Edge of Dark: Read an excerpt now!

    The Edge of Dark is the story of Jane, whose deathbed vow in 1569 sets her on twisting path of joy and deceit that takes her from the dark secrets of Holmwood House in York to […]

  • From The BlogPosted: November 9, 2014


    November is always a tense month for me, as the 30th marks the annual deadline for me to deliver a manuscript to my editor at Pan Macmillan. In spite of the fact that I have […]

  • From The BlogPosted: September 24, 2014

    Northumbrian Castles

    A friend and I walked St Oswald’s Way earlier this month – 97 miles across the most beautiful countryside, along spectacular beaches, over dramatic moors and through pretty villages. And I didn’t wear my rain […]

  • From The BlogPosted: August 17, 2014


    I visited Cornwall recently, and by chance happened to be staying near Cotehele (pronounced ‘coat-heel’).  I’m ashamed to admit that I’d never heard of it but in a way that made the day even better: it […]

  • From The BlogPosted: July 27, 2014

    A History of York in 100 Pictures 19: Stonegate

    One of the oldest and most photographed streets in York, Stonegate has been one of the city’s key thoroughfares since Roman times, when York was known as Eboracum.  As the Via Praetoria, Stonegate led from […]

  • From The BlogPosted: July 1, 2014


    Mint is one of my favourite herbs, and I have three pots of it growing just outside my kitchen door so that I can cut it easily.   During summer, I use it almost every […]

  • From The BlogPosted: June 11, 2014

    A History of York in 100 Pictures 18: St William’s College

    Dating from 1465, St William’s College was once inside the walled Minster precinct.  It was built to house the priests who served the various chantries in the Minster until the Reformation made them redundant.  Their job was […]

  • From The BlogPosted: June 2, 2014

    Pastry, now and then

    There are few things I like better than cooking – it’s such a soothing, satisfying thing to do. A friend has requested steak and kidney pie for his birthday dinner tonight and I’ve been making pastry […]