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  • A new book … and the return of Jessica Hart

    I’m happy to announce that my new book, THE CURSED WIFE, a historical novel set in Elizabethan London, will be published by Pan Macmillan in February 2018. There’ll be more about THE CURSED WIFE in […]

  • Avebury Manor

    Although York is my home, I spend quite a bit of time in Wiltshire too.  It is a lovely county with open chalky downland and spectacular prehistoric monuments like Silbury Hill, the West Kennet barrow and […]

  • Cuenca doorways

    I’m just back from Spain: five days in Valencia for my niece’s wedding, followed by three nights in historic Cuenca, up in the hills.  I loved both places, and there are photos on my Facebook […]

  • Inspiring images

    Q: What do these pictures have in common?             A. All have inspired my latest book one way or the other.  If you’d like to know what links them all, […]

  • Singing for your supper

    I’m writing a scene set in a London merchant’s house, where the family and guests are gathered after supper to entertain themselves. As so often, I’ve gone back to Claudius Hollyband’s Dialogues, reproduced in The Elizabethan […]

  • Elizabethan pop

    I’m writing a new book, this one set entirely in the past, and intended to be a historical psychological thriller (must think of a snappier term!), and like all new books, this one necessitates a whole […]

  • Will the real House of Shadows please stand up …

    One of the joys of writing fiction is being able to take inspiration from various sources and put them all together exactly as you want. The exterior of Askerby Hall, the House of Shadows, is […]

  • Tudor dolls, lack of

    I had four dolls when I was a little girl: Prudence (knitted by my aunt), Baby (my favourite), Rosemary, who came in a box dressed as a bride for my fifth Christmas and was the […]