The Memory of Midnight


The Memory of Midnight will be published by Pan Macmillan on 10th October 2013. I will be signing copies at Waterstones York on Saturday 12th October 2013 so do come along then if you can!

The Memory of Midnight

Prisoners of the past


Two women, bound by time and place. Each has her own tale of love, longing and terror.

In Elizabethan York,  free-spirited Nell dreams of marrying her childhood friend, Tom. But when Tom sails off to the New World, she is left at the mercy of his sadistic older brother, Ralph.  Enduring, Nell finds happiness where she can, until Tom returns unexpectedly and offers the chance of escape at last. Will she dare to take it and be brave enough to face the consequences if she fails?

Four and a half centuries later, Tess and her son Oscar move to York. Eager to start a new life, away from her overbearing and manipulative husband, Martin, Tess tries to put her marriage behind her. But in York time has a way of shifting strangely, and she is soon drawn into a life and events that she is powerless to stop. Before Tess can move on in the present, she too must find the courage to escape the bonds of the past once and for all.