A new book … and the return of Jessica Hart

I’m happy to announce that my new book, THE CURSED WIFE, a historical novel set in Elizabethan London, will be published by Pan Macmillan in February 2018. There’ll be more about THE CURSED WIFE in the months to come, but in the meantime, I’m celebrating!


At the same time, I have made life difficult for myself by writing a very different kind of book: after retiring my romance writing self three years ago, I have dusted off my Jessica Hart hat and am writing a new romance, part of a series to be published by Tule  later this summer.

My novel, title tbc, is one of four in a series provisionally titled A ROYAL WEDDING INVITATION, all the novels based around a (you guessed it) royal wedding that takes place in an English village featuring a conveniently Tudor manor house, which has meant that I have been able to double up on some research at least.

Avebury Manor, inspiration for the fictional Hasebury Hall

The other three stories are being written by Liz FieldingSophie Weston  and Anne McAllister, and it’s been huge fun plotting with such generous and experienced authors.

Writing romance is very different from writing historicals, and the stories are completely different in style.  THE CURSED WIFE is a dark psychological thriller, and the romance light-hearted and fun, but I’ve been enjoying the contrast – even if it does mean I’m now on two very tight deadlines.

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  1. Ros says:

    That is my absolute dream quartet of authors. So excited!

  2. Donna Alward says:

    Yeah, THIS will be an autobuy! Nice to see you back!

  3. Iforonwy says:

    This is where I confess to not having read any of your books. Sorry, but I will be trying them out for sure!

    Came to your blog via the surname Hartshorne – my maternal grandmother’s maiden name!

    Your new book about Elizabethean London sounds very interesting. I have a great interest in the history of London but mostly the late 1700s/early 1800s.

    Very best wishes,

    • It’s amazing the links we can make using the internet, isn’t it? My earlier books have been set in York, where I’m based, but my new book is set in London, so I’ve enjoyed doing some new research for that. Would love to know more about your period, too – in fact, about London at any period. It’s a great city with an endlessly fascinating history.

      • Iforonwy says:

        I am no author! A retired archivist by “trade”. I have been researching my husband’s London roots for many years but have come across some facinating facts via the British Newspaper Archive. A branch of the family lived in the City, were Freemen of the city and one had a very colourful life! Think trials at the Old Bailey alongside William Garrow. I have a great deal of research but lack the skills to weave it into readable prose.

        • I spent many happy years in the York City Archive looking at the records for environmental regulation in the 15th and 16th centuries for my PhD. There are so many interesting stories in the archives that you don’t really need to make anything up!

  4. Nell Dixon says:

    Yes!!!!! Am so excited!!!!!

  5. Michelle Douglas says:

    Gasp! How exciting. So glad to see Jessica make a reappearance…and can’t wait to read the quartet. 🙂

  6. Oh, yay!!!! What a fantabulous combination of authors — and a royal wedding as well. Can’t wait for this series. How wonderful!!!!

  7. Tracy Dineley says:

    Recently found your historical books in local library after moving 150 miles! Devoured them all very quickly as I loved the style, genre and plots! So excited to hear about The Cursed Wife!

    • Thank you, Tracy – that’s so nice to hear! Am currently waiting nervously for my editor to get back to me with comments on The Cursed Wife, but hope it will still be out next February.

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