Feng shui and an (almost) fresh start

I fully intended to make a fresh start at the beginning of year, but here we are in the fourth week of January and I am still trying to clear my decks of various projects … But this week, surely, I can get to grips with my new book?

It is over a year since I have written any fiction, and I am partly desperate to get back to it and partly nervous in case I have forgotten how to do it. So there has been some procrastination involved.  I have been pinning my hopes on some feng shui, and hoping that by tidying my study and clearing out a lot of clutter, I will declutter my mind at the same time.

As a result my study has gone from this …

… to this…

I daresay it won’t last, but at least I can see carpet, and I have even vacuumed up all the dust bunnies crowding behind my screen, so at least my muse will be able to find me!

The desktop in the picture is five years old and has been running so slowly that I have had to order a new one (yep, more procrastination), and I have bought a new chair too, which will be arriving this week.  Researching that was another excellent avoidance technique. But when they are both installed, and my pencils are all metaphorically sharpened, then I will have no excuse not to square up to that blank screen.

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  1. Tess Wysocki says:

    Well done, it looks great!

    When I was at uni I’d always have to give my room a good cleaning and organising before exams and would say “organised room, organised mind”. I think it really did help.

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