History of York in 100 Pictures 13: The Herbert House

This much photographed house stands on Pavement and is named after the Herbert family who were prominent in York in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Herbert House

The Herbert House was built in the early 17th century, but an earlier house stood here in 1557 when Christopher Herbert bought it from the Company of Merchant Adventurers.   Christopher Herbert was a wealthy merchant and Lord Mayor of York, as was his son Thomas, and we can assume that the house was a substantial and imposing one, befitting their status.

The house we see today was probably rebuilt by John Jacques after Thomas Herbert’s death in 1614.  Double fronted and four stories high, the facade was carved with vine leaf and arabesque pattern details, and it is even bigger than it looks, stretching back into Lady Peckett’s Yard.

Herbert detail

I’m using the Herbert House as the model for Holmwood House in The Edge of the Dark, my current WIP – except that I’m going to make it even bigger and more ornate, and I’m going moving it to Micklegate, the way you can when you’re making things up!

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