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The Memory of Midnight is released on 10th October 2013!




 Pre-order your copy on Amazon, or if you’re anywhere near York, come along to any of the following events where I’ll be signing copies.


FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER, 6.45-8.30 pm

Waterstones, Ousegate, York



An evening at Waterstones to celebrate the launch of York Authors, a group of professional authors living and writing in York.

Looking for a good read? Wondering which published authors live in York?  Would you like to meet them over a glass of wine? Come along and browse novels, non-fiction, children’s books and poetry by York authors.  You might be surprised by the range of books written in York – and might even solve a Christmas present or two!

Take part in our quiz (free entry) and you could win a basket of free books too.


SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER, 12.00-3.00 pm

Waterstones, Ousegate, York


I’ll be back at Waterstones on Saturday afternoon, signing copies of The Memory of Midnight.  Do come along if you can!



WEDNESDAY 23rd OCTOBER, 7.30-9.30 pm

Barley Hall, Coffee Yard, York



Join two York-based writers for this evening of insights into the history of the city, and how it provides material for today’s authors of fiction and non-fiction. Hear about the process of producing a book inspired by York’s story, from research to publication. Two new titles, Christina Surdhar’s Bloody British History: York and Pamela Hartshorne’s Elizabethan tale The Memory of Midnight, will provide the basis of the discussion, which will take in some of the bloodiest stories from York’s history, and will describe how documentary and archaeological evidence can be brought to life in fiction. Includes admission to Barley Hall, live Elizabethan lute music and a complimentary drink on arrival, plus a chance to purchase both titles and have them signed by the authors.

Pre-booking essential: 01904 615505

8 Responses

  1. sheena reeves says:

    I really enjoyed the last two books you wrote, and would love to know if you intend writing anymore.
    I await your reply.


    • Thank you, Sheena, and apologies for taking so long to reply – I’ve been away in New Zealand and Australia and have only just come home to my passwords so that I can log on here. I’m delighted you’ve enjoyed Time’s Echo and The Memory of Midnight. There are indeed more books on the way: The Edge of Dark should be out in October, and I’m about to start writing a fourth, so more to come … I hope you’ll enjoy them too. Many thanks, and happy reading!

  2. Ann Eidmans says:

    Must confess that I have not read any of your books – YET! You came through as an Amazon suggestion for us as ‘Im in doors is a great fan of Elizabeth Chadwick. I am a retired archivist and amateur historian. One of my postgrad studies was the history of one branch of the Hartshorne family. Grandma was born a Hartshorne. I too oftern wonder what it would be like to “time-travel” and go back to ask our ancestors why they did or did not do certain things. Hope to hear from you if you are not too busy.

    • I’ve not looked into our Hartshorne family history very closely, although I think they came from Shropshire. I do know my great-grandfather was the youngest of 14 children, and the only one to have any children but perhaps our branches intersect before that … I agree, it’s intriguing to think about how our ancestors changed our lives today by making decisions that might not have seemed momentous at the time.

  3. Patricia says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations on the first two time-slip novels, Pamela.
    I loved them – both grabbed me and janked me into their stories! You certainly have The Knack of involving the reader, and both books are now on my bookshelves to enjoy again and again.
    Great news to hear there will be others – I’ll be counting the days till October!.

    Thanks for the hours of pleasure – with Best Wishes.

    • Thank you so much, Patricia! What a kind message – I’m so delighted to hear that you have enjoyed Time’s Echo and The Memory of Midnight. I’m just finishing the edits on The Edge of Dark, which should be out later this year, and I hope very much you’ll enjoy that book as much. Happy reading until then!

      Thanks again for taking the trouble to send a message – it is always such a boost to hear from readers.

  4. Mrs M J Summers says:

    Found “Time’s Echo” on a bookshelf where I have just stayed in Lanzarote! Thought it looked interesting as I live in Goldsborough, just 16 miles from York, and know York fairly well. However, I hadn’t expected to enjoy it as much as I did, You had obviously done a great deal of research, and your writing draws the reader in so well that I almost became Hawise/Grace for a short while. Am so glad you have written other books and look forward to reading them – but only after I have managed to release Time’s Echo from my mind! Many congratulations and all good wishes for future literary successes.

    • I’m delighted to hear that Time’s Echo has got as far as Lanzarote – it’s always fascinating to see which books get taken round the world, from one reader to another! And of course I’m so glad that you picked it up and enjoyed it. Thank you so much for getting in touch – it really does make such a difference to hear from readers – and apologies that it has taken me so long to see your comment. I’ve been on another deadline and have been putting off updating my website, so have only just seen your message. Very best wishes, Pamela

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