The Memory of Midnight

So much for my plan to keep this blog updated weekly!  But between Christmas and revisions, something had to give, and this was it.  But the holidays are over, the revisions are done, and I’m happy to report that The Memory of Midnight will be published in October 2013.

Like Time’s Echo, The Memory of Midnight is set in present day and Elizabethan York.  It’s the story of Tess, who returns from London with her small son, Oscar, in an attempt to escape from her controlling and manipulative husband.  Living with her mother again isn’t a success, so Tess is delighted when she has the chance to move into a flat in Stonegate, one of York’s oldest streets.

Stonegate today (photo Kippa Matthews)

But the flat that seemed so welcoming when she first saw it holds a terrible secret.  More than four hundred years earlier, Nell was mistress of the house in Stonegate, and as Tess is increasingly drawn into her life, she finds herself sharing Nell’s joys, fears and tragedies.

For a historian like Tess, the idea that she might be reliving the past is an impossible one, but the vividness of her experience is hard to deny.  Is she really slipping through time?  Or is she having a breakdown?  With a husband intent on tracking her down and threatening to claim custody of Oscar, both options are equally frightening.  Stalked by danger in the past and the present, Tess has to find the strength to confront her own demons, as well as Nell’s.

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