A History of York in 100 Pictures: 6 Zouche Chapel

Off the south aisle of the choir in York Minster is an old wooden door.  It leads down steps into the Zouche Chapel, a quiet place reserved for private prayer.  The chapel itself is small and very peaceful, and it is where Grace finds herself when she is at her most frightened by the grip Hawise has on her mind.





The windows in the chapel contain a number of fragments of stained glass that have been recovered from other parts of the Minster.  Now at eye level, these charming images can be appreciated in a way they might not have been originally.



The fragments include a procession of monkeys, birds, a windmill, fish and the famous image of a wren attacking a spider.


All photographs © Kippa Matthews

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  1. Debbie Flint says:

    hey pam! Just to say what an interesting blog yours is too! We’re trading blog comments lol!
    And how the hell do you read that writing in those old wardmote documents?! That’s a skill and a half on its own!
    thanks again for the comp to win signed copy of your book on my qvcuk blog! (blogs.qvcuk.com)
    best wishes#
    debbie flint

  2. Thanks, Debbie. The writing’s not that hard to read once you’ve got your eye in – and it’s in English, which makes it even easier!

    Great response on your blog so will look forward to posting out a copy of Time’s Echo to the lucky winner.

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