Time zones (various)

I marked the publication of Time’s Echo with a holiday. Truth to tell, I feel a little guilty about not making a bigger fuss about publication day, but I tell myself that I’m saving it for the launch party on 11th September.

In the meantime, I had a lovely week in the sun, with nothing more strenuous to do than walk to the beach, or up to the restaurant.  It was my first experience of an all inclusive resort and although I thought it was excellent, there was also something faintly unreal about it.  It was like being in an alternative world with no responsibility and no need to think … very relaxing but at times a little too like being a character in some futuristic novel where all decisions are taking out of your hands!

So my week was largely spent gazing at a view like this with my mouth open and a vacant expression on my face.  In other words, I’m struggling to connect last week with a novel set partly in the present and partly in 16th-century York, as Time’s Echo is.

Except that it was impossible not to think about time while I was there, about how fast it goes when you’re enjoying yourself and how going on holiday means slipping into a different time zone in more ways than one.  I felt as if I’d been away for months when I got home yesterday, and I’ve been wandering around all day feeling jet lagged in spite of the fact that the time difference with Greece is only two hours at the moment.  It feels as if I’ve been in a different world altogether and it’s hard now to think that only three days ago, I was there, with the sunlight bouncing off the sea around me.

That’s how it is for Grace in Time’s Echo, remembering her experiences as Hawise in 16th-century York, when the past is intensely real on one hand and impossibly remote on the other.  Meanwhile, I need to stop sighing over my holiday and get back to work.  Time might be flexible when  you’re on holiday, but  in my experience the closer you get to a deadline, the faster it gets!

Oh, and before I go, congratulations to Tora Williams, who won a signed copy of Time’s Echo on the blog last week.  Tora, your copy is in the post!

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  1. The book arrived today – thanks! I started reading it and had to make myself stop because I had too much else to do, but it’s got me gripped already 🙂

  2. Glad it arrived so quickly, Tora. I know exactly how you feel as I am currently so absorbed in Tana French’s Broken Harbour that I have to keep rationing myself: it is SO tempting just to give up on everything else and just sit down and read to the end … I’m absolutely thrilled to think that a book of mine might have the same effect!

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